Ahhh, what can one say about Joshua Tree Local Teresa...Terre, Terry to some.

    Comic book Icon, Artist, Rebel... Or atleast thats what I say.

    Teresa has re-releaseds this iconioc print from her WIMMIENS COMIX cover. 

    These T-shirt's are also available signed for you collectors out there. - contact me for details.

    HIGH QUALITY, pre washed by Terre here in Joshua Tree - and come in both men and wimmens fiits and styles.

    Here's a little bit about Teresa ...
    One of the founding women underground cartoonists, Teresa Richards viewed comix as "an excuse to expand my mind creatively. Since there were no limits, as well as no money, artist were free to experiment without commercial restrains." Specific projects on which Terry Richards joined with others, both as editor and artist, included 'Mama! Dramas' (comics by women cartoonists who were also mothers), 'Manhunt', 'Wet Satin', 'Bizarre Sex', 'Tits & Clits Comix' and many issues of Wimmen's Comix. Terry has worked for twenty years as a graphic designer, work which includes making experimental short films and storyboarding for digital movies.